TRIPLE X CASH FLOW (TFC) is jumping to the top of the industry food chain by incorporating stunning programs for you as the Webmaster. With a 60% Initial - 60% recurring , Sales Bonuses , and Free Web Hosting along the way, it's a win win situation. As an Adult Cash Flow Webmaster, you become a partner and NOT a sales rep! For everyone to make that money, everyone takes on a responsibility.

You send surfer's to our sites

Adult Cash Flow makes the sale.

It's that simple! TRIPLE X CASH FLOW focuses on the hard part. We invest in our sites and in our members area. We strive to bring fresh content to keep the member happy month after month. Just because a surfer converts to a member doesn't mean we have done our job. We need to keep that member. Month after Month after Month!

Booming Conversions and Superior Recurring

Our sites have been designed by the Industries finest. Fresh new talent providing awesome designs. We are converting like champs here! Our sites are turning all types of traffic! We do the hard part. And we pay for it! You send a surfer, our job is to convert him (or her) to a paying member. If a site isn't working, we modify it until it does. And .. We are adding new sites so sign up and let's make some money!

Follow Through Tracking

With our Follow Through Tracking program, any surfer you send can sign-up to any of our sites and you will be credited for that sale along with all recurring activities for that surfer - for LIFE! This means that for any surfer you send to any 1 of our sites, they will be tracked with your Webmaster ID throughout our tours and into any other site within our program! So if the surfer does not sign at 1 site, offer them a single popup that has the rest of our sites and if they click and join one of our sites off the pop up you will still make the sale.

Sales Bonuses

We reward you with sales bonuses based on the number of new sales you referred per week!

# of Sales
Bonus %
25 sales
50 sales
100 sales
250 sales
500 sales
750+ sales

New Webmaster Tools!
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